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We use a web-based software program, ConformX®, that interfaces with the leading loan operating systems.  All you need is Adobe Acrobat Reader, Windows 2000 or newer, and you can order and receive closing documents. With its redundant SAS70 certified Data Centers, the ConformX® system will never go down, which means ZERO down-time. This system also prevents the modification of critical data outside of the LOS; all data is imported and the rest is automated.

We also utilize authentication security features including:

  • Password expiration requirements
  • Password change history enforcement
  • Password complexity requirements
  • Secure SAS70 certified Data Centers
  • 128-bit SSL encryption


XML-based Document Technology
Have you seen documents where the data fields accidentally print on top of the form text? Antiquated document printing systems commonly run into this problem. Our documents are built on the latest XML technology and converted to PDF for printing. This allows the data in the form to flow nicely with no data size restrictions. All data points are emphasized in bold and a different font type so that each loan value can be easily found for auditing purposes.

Custom Documents
In addition to our 100% compliant standard document packages, we also provide custom document services. Send us a copy of your custom form and we will match it!

Images and Logos
Would you like to include a logo or image on your custom forms? No problem. Our XML based document technology easily handles images so that your documents have that extra professional touch.

Secure E-Mail Document Delivery:

Our software incorporates the highest levels of security when transmitting documents via email. The document package itself is transferred to a secure web hosted location. The email recipient then receives notification that the documents are available at a specific URL. To access the documents the recipient must visit the web site and answer loan-specific security questions. If the questions are answered correctly the recipient can print the documents to their local printer or save them to file. After 3 failed attempts to answer the questions correctly, the document package is locked and becomes inaccessible to anyone. To unlock the package our staff can go into ConformX® and release it, and the recipient can try again. Last of all, the documents are only stored on the securely hosted location for 7 days.


Are you going paperless? We generate PDF documents that are compatible with virtually any eSign provider, and Category 1 Smart Document eNotes that meet all MERS and Fannie Mae requirements. DocuTech Corporation has been a MISMO member since 2002, and has actively participated in the MISMO Origination and eMortgage workgroups.

System Interfacing:

Our software directly interfaces with the following loan operating systems: